The Lord did not make us wait very long – testimony from Liz Maria

Greetings to all, I am Liz Maria, the mother of Aurora, an aspirant; I wanted to share a certain joy with you that by the grace of God I carry within my heart.

I have been married to Maruizio for 19 years and the Lord has gifted us with three splendid girls: Aurora, Catalina, and Serena, of which Aurora is the oldest. We are a family that seeks to be in union with God. We have been a part of a certain movement (Movement of Family Love) for many years, and we always seek to transmit to our daughters the beauty of being children of God and the importance of following Him. In 2016, Aurora began to form a part of the group “Voices of the Word” with great joy.

In February of this year 2019, Mother Fonte di Dolcezza invited me to participate in the 40 Hours project in order to pray with other mothers for the increase, perseverance, and sanctity of vocations, and I accepted with pleasure. I have to say that in reality I began praying, thinking more about others, but in my heart I always desired that our daughters would have the desire for a vocation and feel this call! But for me it was a very big desire and one of much grace, but the Lord did not make us wait very long, for in May of the same year, Aurora opened her heart to us and told us that she felt the call to the religious life and wanted to follow Jesus more profoundly. I will let you imagine the great joy I experienced, that we all felt, a joy very great and beautiful!

Of course afterwards when I thought about the separation, when she would no longer be with us, I confided myself to the Lord and offered to Him this feeling and again on this occasion He didn’t wait because He made us feel the union rather than the separation. Because it is He that unites us and being united to Him we are hence always united, even though we don’t see each other; and then, with this grace so great we cannot do anything else but praise and thank Him.

I thank the Most Holy Virgin Mary, our mother, who accompanies us on our journey toward God.

I wrote this to tell you and to help you see how much strength and power that prayer has. Dear all, I encourage you to pray with your heart and to confide yourselves completely to Him, with the security that you will be heard! We are united in prayer.

Liz Maria

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