Karina Sabatino de Sole“Blessed 40 hours of prayer and dedication! Blessed inspiration and docility of souls who devoutly implore God for the holiness, perseverance and increase of priestly and religious vocations! Because You Lord have asked us to do so: “The harvest is abundant but the laborers are few; so ask the master of the harvest to send out laborers for his harvest” (Luke 10:2). And in this way you teach us that we should ask the Father because only He is the one who calls. And how could we not respond with generosity to your commands, Lord, to your orders! Here we are, united in prayer, imploring you, especially during these 40 hours, to bless us with holy vocations, with holy men and women who continue your redemptive work on earth. Here I am, my King, at your feet, supplicating with all of my poor mother’s heart; and although I am an unworthy servant of yours, I dare with confidence and insistence to ask you to grant me, if your Divine Will so wishes, that a child of my womb becomes someday another Christ, that a little daughter of mine attains the undeserved grace of being your faithful spouse. Whatever  you want! I humbly submit to it. They are Yours Lord; I want them to be holy, wherever You want, whenever You want and however You want!
And so was my soul in prayer when my little girl of only 14 years, with great joy, entrusted me with her vocation. Yes, You were calling her, the Love of Loves. My happiness was great; You had heard my prayer, as You always do, and so fulfilling Your promises.
What an immense grace; so much to be grateful for and to offer! I remember that I embraced her with my soul burning and in silence I pronounced that beautiful prayer that we engraved in the little picture of her First Communion: My Jesus, keep her in Your Heart as the apple of Your eyes.
And as I said in the beginning of these lines, I exclaim again: blessed 40 hours of prayer, sacrifice and offering for our consecrated ones.
I encourage us to become many, thousands and thousands of women praying for this cause, like burning embers carrying fire everywhere.
Let us pray without fatigue: VOCATIONS LORD! MANY AND HOLY VOCATIONS!”

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