Saint Monica

Saint Monica, receive this request that, we, the women of the 40 hours ask you today. We know that you will bestow special graces on those who implore you. We would like to benefit from everything that helps us to pray fruitfully. Teach us how to increase our faith in the prayers we make during the 40 hours. Give us an awareness of the urgency that we have in carrying them out, and of how many evils would be stopped if our prayers were motivated by great desires. Give us Saint Monica abundant tears, we want to flood heaven with them. Tears to beg for, tears that move the Heart of Jesus even more. Tears of weakness that will draw Jesus to listen to our prayers. Tears that caress the feet of Jesus, that speak for us. Tears that are repeated in every drop: “souls are lost, send us holy priests and religious, Lord”. We want to embrace Jesus with tears and weep on his shoulders for all the consecrated people who are lost. Stop betrayals, forgetfulness and ingratitude. Renew all of them. To unite our fragile tears to the powerful tears of Jesus. Give us St. Monica, tears that make each religious a St. Augustine. And finally tears of gratitude. O exemplary mother, send a powerful light to illuminate very clearly these desires: “the sanctification of religious and the increase of vocations”. A light that makes us see the millions of souls that would be saved, the many nations that would change their ways if there were thousands of holy priests and religious. Enlarge St. Monica, in this way, the capacity to receive and our capacity to weep!

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