Saint John Paul II: “A greater amount of evangelical boldness is needed”

Message of his Holiness Pope John Paul II for the XXXIII World Day of Prayer for Vocations (1996)

Our communities, however, must have a stronger belief in the importance of various plans of Christian life and of ecclesial roles, ministries, charisms, which are stirred up by the Holy Spirit throughout the centuries and recognized by the Pastors of the Church as legitimate and authentic. Even now, while society is undergoing rapid and profound transformation, in the community of believers the proposal of the Christian way of life must conquer every kind of passive resignation, and with confidence and courage give full meaning to existence by announcing the presence and action of God in the life of human persons.

Today, in the face of the challenges of the contemporary world, a greater amount of evangelical boldness is needed in order to arrive at the commitment to promoting vocations in accordance with the Lord’s injunction to ask ceaselessly for laborers for the spread of the kingdom of God (cf. Mt 9:37-38).

…The Church must show its proper and authentic face in the daily striving for fidelity to God and to men. When it accomplishes such a mission with profound consistency, it becomes the favorable terrain for the birth of courageous choices of unreserved commitment for the Gospel and for the people of God.

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