In this month we prepare for the celebration of Jesus Christ as universal King of souls and peoples.

“But it is very just and necessary that this feast of Christ-King be framed precisely in Calvary … The royalty of Christ must always refer to the event that takes place on that mountain, and must be understood in the salvific mystery, which takes place there Christ: the event and the mystery of man’s redemption. Christ Jesus affirms himself king precisely at the moment when, amid the pains and scorn of the cross, amid the misunderstandings and blasphemies of those around him, he agonized and died.

 Truly, it is a singular royalty, such that only the eyes of faith can recognize it: Regnavit a ligno Deus!  ” God reigns from a log”

His “royalty” is totally different from that of worldly power; he solemnly manifests himself and triumphs on the cross and from the cross; it is a royalty of humility, of poverty, of concealment, of availability, of donation, of sacrifice until death. And his royal crown is made up of sharp and painful thorns!

The desire of a mother and a father is the good of their children, as spiritual mothers and fathers we must put all our efforts to work for the salvation of souls, which is nothing other than making Christ reign in souls and in our societies.

May this November be numerous souls who want to join this project of 40 hours of prayer for priests and religious.

We therefore invite you to register for the November shifts that begin on Saturday 14 at 3:00 p.m. and conclude at 6 in the morning on Monday 16

God bless you all and LONG LIVE CHRIST THE KING!

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