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Prayer to the Virgin Mary for Vocations

Hail Mary, our mother, teacher and queen. Listen with kindness to the supplication that we present to you according to the desire of Jesus: “Pray the Lord of the harvest to send workers into his harvest”.

Turn your merciful eyes towards all men. Many are wandering in the darkness, without a father, without a shepherd and without a teacher. In you, Mary, they will find the path to Christ,

for the Father has constituted you “apostle”, to give Jesus, the way the truth and the life, to the world.

Through you, all Catholics, with all their strength, for all vocations, for all apostolates.

Through you, all the believers for all the non-believers; all the committed for all the indifferent; all Catholics for all non-Catholics.

Through you, may all who are called be faithful to their vocation, may all apostles be holy, may all men welcome them.

At the foot of the cross your heart was open to welcome us all as children.

Give us an apostolic heart, modeled after that of Jesus, after yours and that of St. Paul, so that one day

we may all meet together with you in the Father’s house.

Bless your children, Mary, mother, teacher and queen.

Blessed Giacomo Alberione