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Prayer to the Holy Name of Jesus

Let us ask God for the grace of an increase, perseverance, and holiness of vocations, so that the Name of Jesus may be known in all nations.

O glorious Name, gifted Name, loving and holy Name!

Through you faults are erased, enemies flee defeated, the sick are healed, the troubled and those tempted are strengthened, and all feel joyful.

You are the honor of believers, You, the teacher of preachers, You, the strength of those who labor, You, the courage of the weak.

By the fire of your ardor and zeal, spirits are inflamed, desires grow, favors are obtained, contemplative souls are enraptured; by you all the blessed in Heaven are glorified.

Grant, most sweet Jesus, that we too may reign with them by the power of your most holy Name.

(St. Bernardine of Siena)