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Prayer to St. Joseph for Priests

San-JOse (1)

O glorious patriarch Saint Joseph,  tutelary father of Our Lord Jesus Christ, on this day I pray to You for priests.

Like you, they were taken from among men to serve God.

Help them to imitate your great faith, your perfect chastity,  your total dedication to the service of God without regard for the consequences, your humility, your constant work, your poverty, your obedience, all your virtues and your heroic yes.

Help them to imitate you and your Son Jesus in everything.

Help them to be good priests in the eyes of God, help them in their solitude and in their moments of temptation.

Accompany them in all the difficult moments of their life and in their moments of joy as well.

Defend them from all those who would do them physical or moral harm, as you defended Our Lord Jesus Christ, until they reach the Kingdom of Heaven to enjoy with you forever the presence of God our Father.