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Prayer to ask for priests

Lord Jesus, I pray for your priests. When they are nailed to the cross in the confessional, may you place on them your crown of light instead of your crown of thorns.

When, day by day, they bring you the bread that has become your body, may it not become a routine for them, but a daily miracle.

May their dealings with souls always  leave in them the love and courage that you give us.

When they are young, may they have the strength of your last three years, and when they are old, may they continue to feel that “God rejoices in their youth”.

May they, living spirit in flesh and blood, be like You, profoundly human and perfectly divine.

When discouragement and weakness overwhelm them on the road to their Calvary, may You be there, as Cyrenian, to carry their cross and make it a joy for them.

And may there never fail to be one who will give his life for them, as you gave it for us!