Oh Mother, Mother of God and Mother of the Church,

we unanimously gather with you in this important hour as one heart and soul:

like Peter, the apostles, and the brethren who devoted themselves

with one accord to prayer in the Upper Room (cf. Acts 1:14).


We entrust our lives to you –

to you who accepted the Word of God with absolutely fidelity

and dedicated yourself to His plan of salvation and grace,

adhering with total docility to the action of the Holy Spirit;

to you who received the mission from your Son

to take in and protect the disciple whom He loved (cf. Jn. 20:26);

we repeat to you, each and every one of us, “totus tuus ego sum,”

that you may take our consecration and unite it Jesus’ and to yours,

as an offering to God the Father for the life of the world.


We beg you to look at the needs of your children

as you did at Cana, when you took to heart the situation of that family.

Today, the greatest need of this family of yours

is that of priestly, deaconate, religious, and missionary vocations.

Therefore, with your “supplicating omnipotence,”

reach the heart of many of our brothers (and sisters)

that they may hear, understand, and respond to the voice of the Lord.

Repeat to them, in the depths of their conscience,

the invitation made to the servants of Cana:

“Do whatever Jesus tells you.” (cf. Jn. 2:5)


We will be ministers of God and the Church,

dedicated to evangelize, sanctify, and feed our brothers and sisters:

teach us and give us the aptitude of the good shepherd;

nourish and increase our apostolic dedication;

strengthen and regenerate our love for those who suffer;

illumine and vivify our commitment to virginity for the Kingdom of heaven;

instill and preserve in us the sense of brotherhood and communion.


Oh our Mother, with our lives we entrust to you the lives of our parents and family members

and those of our brothers and sisters that we will reach with our ministry.

Always precede our steps towards them with your maternal care

and constantly guide us in the way to the homeland

which Christ, your Son and our Lord, prepared for us by his Redemption. Amen.

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