My Lord Jesus Christ
you did not come to lose,
but to deliver the souls of men,
for whom you were the remedy and freedom
by giving your life for their rescue;
we humbly implore your ineffable clemency
and ineffable mercy,
that you may have mercy
on all the souls of the faithful departed (especially the souls of the priests)
who are tormented in the pains of purgatory,
so that those who are justly afflicted
are justly afflicted by their sins,
may by your kindness be forgiven,
for thou hast redeemed them with thy precious blood,
may they obtain through the merits
and intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary and of all your saints
and of all your Saints,
that you free them from the sorrows they suffer
and bring them to glory
where they will praise and rejoice
for ever and ever.

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