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Prayer asking the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit

“O Holy Spirit, fill my soul anew with the abundance of your gifts and fruits.

With the gift of Wisdom, grant that I may know how to have a taste for the things of God that will turn me away from earthly things.

With the gift of Understanding, may I know how to see with living faith the importance and beauty of Christian truth.

With the gift of Counsel, may I use the means most conducive to sanctification, perseverance and salvation.

With the gift of Fortitude, may I overcome all obstacles in the confession of the faith and in the way of salvation.

With the gift of Science, may I know how to discern clearly between good and evil, the false and the true, discovering the deceptions of the devil, of the world and of sin.

With the gift of Piety, may I love God as Father, serve him with fervent devotion and be merciful to my neighbor.

Finally, with the gift of the Fear of God, may I have the greatest respect and veneration for the commandments of God, taking care never to offend Him with sin.

Fill me, above all, with your divine love; may it be the motive of my whole spiritual life;

may I know how to teach and make understood, at least by my example, the beauty of your doctrine, the goodness of your precepts and the sweetness of your love.