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Missionaries with him, through him and in him

“The obligation of every Missionary… to be up to date in everything related to the magisterium of the Church through the pontifical documents. But now I want to refer specifically to the Apostolic Exhortation of His Holiness Paul VI “Evangelii Nuntiandi”, on the Evangelization of the contemporary world”.

“I highly recommend to you the study, meditation and deepening of “Evangelii Nuntiandi”…. It seems to me very important to always keep it in mind as something that burns us, that worries us, that tortures us, that does not allow us any rest while there is in the world a single person who does not know the Light, it is our being missionaries”.

“This, to be missionaries, is our dearest right, our sweetest obligation and our most sacred duty. Duty and right that we must never forget at any moment of our life. To be missionaries… How?…to the point of giving our lives if necessary!…Where?…. Everywhere!…When?…. Always!… Measured? obedience. Like him, who “was obedient unto death and death on a cross” and “behold, I have come to do your most holy will””.

… “Missionaries with him, through him and in him. But like him, with him and in him in every sense of the word: in sacrifice, in pain, in suffering, even to death…. But also in joy, in our daily Eucharist, in our prayer, in our adoration, in our daily apostolate, in any kind of work, while we sleep and while we eat, while we rest and while we breathe, while our life is consumed minute by minute and in every beat of our heart! Always daughters, always; our missionary spirit must be universal, it must embrace all peoples, races and nations, it must embrace the world, there must be no frontiers of any kind.”

“But testimony is not enough, “A living preaching” is indispensable and urgent: “But how will they call upon him in whom they have not believed, and how will they hear if no one preaches to them?….. Therefore faith comes from hearing, and hearing by the word of Christ” (E.N. n.42). For this reason the Missionary… will strive so that not a single day will pass without her having preached Christ in some way”.

“The realization that up to now only a small portion of humanity knows the true God should be for us missionaries something insufferable, something torturing, something that should not leave us any rest and that spurs us to do everything, everything, so that He may be known and loved by all the inhabitants of this world”.

“With these reflections I leave you, daughters, in the arms of our Father God, under the action of the Holy Spirit; may they inspire you in the best way to bring to the whole world the great truth that Christ has already come”.

Servant of God Ma. Inés-Teresa Arias

From Circular No. 13, 1977.