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Formation: Fr. Gabriel Prado presents the book: «Vocations, find them, examine them, test them»

Dear moms and women of Project 40 hours,

We present the book «Vocations, find them, examine them, test them» by the Jesuit priest Emvin Busuttil, published in Italian in 1949 under the title “Trovare, Esaminare, Provare le vocazioni: appunti di esperienze personali”, which will be delivered in the next few newsletters and we hope you find it very useful.

The book has three parts (in search of vocations, examining a vocation, testing a vocation) and 2 appendices one for parents and another for Priests. There are 228 pages of very easy reading. Says the father: “This book is a conglomerate of personal experiences. (…) I will expose to the reader, plain and simple, ideas, things and judgments without pretending to write a text or to teach any method, but with the sincere desire that these notes can be used to increase vocations and to make people happy. So many and so dear young people who are called by God to great things”.

Speaking to fathers and mothers of the family, he writes: “It is an honor for your family that God has stood right in front of your house to choose, from the fruit of your love, one of his ministers, a friend of his Heart, a follower of his redemptive work, a collaborator of his in the salvation of souls ”.

We can ask ourselves where do vocations come from, men and women who give themselves completely to God? From Muslim families? From atheistic families? Certainly not. It is from your families, dear Christian mothers, that God chooses his ministers. It is a sign that you have done your work as mothers well: “God in this way praises the Christian education that you have given your children and sets as an example to all the people as an exemplary and deeply Christian family. In fact, with rare exceptions, God chooses good and morally healthy and pure boys, young people who have been well guarded and holy guided.”

Giving a son or daughter to religious life is not doing God a favor, but He does it to us “The vocation of your child means God’s blessing on your entire family. If the punishment usually falls on the whole family, the blessing must also touch the whole family. And in practice we see that it is so.” and he says even more: “They assure you one hundredfold in this life and also eternal life. It is not only your child who will make use of that divine promise found in the Holy Gospel. Jesus actually said: “Whoever leaves father, mother (and this goes for the son that leaves father and mother), son, daughter (and this goes for you), assets, etc., will have a hundredfold in this earth and then eternal life”. Thus, your son, with his fidelity to his vocation, assures you that you will save your soul and that God will bless you in this life. It means, making your child happy, putting him in a safe place, where his soul is far from the temptations of the world. It means that you will always have his gratitude, his prayers and his affection, because he will consider you as the best architects, after God, of his happiness”.

So, we must take as part of our duties as good Christians to speak about vocation, which is a way of discovering their calling to young people or children. Without any fear, because “there are many and I would still say very many young Catholics who are called to religious life, but few know they have it and very few who follow it.”

The ignorance of some “who think that the young person should be the first to speak about the vocation is tired of crying. Sometimes, and perhaps many times, it has to be me as a priest, a religious person, a friend, the one who breaks the ice and encourages the young man to realize the latent treasure that he carries in his heart”.

“Very soon we will realize that everyone can and easily be apostles of vocations because, most of the time, the great work of “raising up” vocations consist in making young people know that they have signs of vocation. Wrongly, we usually say that it is necessary to arouse vocations when it should rather be said that what matters is discovering vocations and revealing them to young people, who many times carry it in their hearts without realizing it.

That is why we highly recommend reading and reflecting on this precious book, which illustrates our intelligence by clarifying doubts with very clear comparisons like this: Vocation, like the other inspirations of God, can go unnoticed without leaving a deep furrow, it cannot be understood because the heart of the young person is distracted, it can be choked by temptations or sins, it can be rejected by selfishness or by believing that it is too difficult ”.

I leave this approach to you. A priest baptized me, a priest forgave my sins, gave me my first communion, married me, baptized my children … in the most important moments of my life he was always there: what have I done for the priests?

Fr. Gabriel Prado, IVE.