Consecration to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, by Saint John Paul II

Lord Jesus Christ,

Redeemer of the human race,

to your most Sacred Heart

we turn with humility and trust,

with reverence and hope,

with a deep desire to give to you

glory and honour and praise.


Lord Jesus Christ,

Saviour of the world,

we thank you for all that you are

and all that you do for the little flock

and all the twelve million people

living in this Archdiocese of Delhi,

which includes those entrusted

with the stewardship of this nation.


Lord Jesus Christ,

Son of the Living God,

we praise you for the love

that you have revealed

through your Sacred Heart,

which was pierced for us

and which has become the fountain

of our joy, the source of our eternal life.


Gathered together in your Name,

which is above all other names,

we consecrate ourselves to your most Sacred Heart,

in which dwells the fullness of truth and charity.


In consecrating themselves to you,

the faithful renew their desire

to respond in love

to the rich outpouring of your merciful love.


Lord Jesus Christ,

King of love and Prince of peace,

reign in our hearts and in our homes.

Conquer all the powers of evil

and bring us to share in the victory of your Sacred Heart.

May all we say and do give glory

and praise to you and to the Father

and the Holy Spirit,

one God living

and reigning for ever and ever.




(Said on the occasion of a trip to India, in 1986)

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