1) Fear of the world and its dangers

It is not about cowardice, meaning, fear of being mistreated or of not being able to lead a bourgeois and quiet life. Rather, it is a true knowledge of the spiritual and moral malice of the world and of the serious difficulty of remaining faithful to the Law of God.

And if we are sincere:

How difficult it is to remain pure in the world with so many incentives, examples, and temptations from all kinds of people, companies, readings, and life circumstances!

How to be good in a world in which it is foolish to be loyal, a reason for aversion to be a Christian, abnormal not to be beastly filthy, easy prey to be conscientious?

It is true that there are also saints in the world, but at what cost? What character of Christians must they have? Not to mention that many times they do, yes, to a certain degree of goodness, but after a thousand falls and disorders and a sudden blow of grace.

And will I feel so strong? Do I think it is possible for me to cross that quagmire without filling myself with mud?

Many young people at the sight of this heinous spectacle of the world are not moved. They do not think or aspire to be good. Others, on the other hand, feel agitated and moved; This means that they carry in their hearts the germ of a high and holy path, that is, their vocation.