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lizarragaI have been participating in the 40hrs group for about a year. Although I am not a “IVE mother” (in the literal sense) but only a “IVE sister”, this date has become for me inescapable, for several reasons:

1- Because of the undeniable obligation that all Christians have to pray for the holiness of those consecrated.

2- Because God wants to send us workers, but He also wants us to ask Him for them.

3- Because having religious brothers, some of whom are far away, I feel a lot of peace thinking that once a month they can see my name on the list, which reminds them that they have a sister who prays for them, who has them on her mind and in her heart.

I think that, for them and all the missionaries of our beloved religious family, the existence of this group, that loves them and that loves what they love, gives them great joy and consolation in the moments of fatigue, pain and loneliness.

Finally, I appreciate this initiative that, by God’s grace, has the power to be in the rearguard of the combat that our loved ones fight daily: our children, brothers, friends. May our Lord Jesus listen to the supplications we make for those whom our heart especially loves.”