Verónica Ruiz de Torres

God’s gift of religious vocations within my family awoke in me an eagerness that is never satisfied: to pray for the holiness and perseverance of priestly and religious vocations and above all for many, many holy and enduring vocations.
The necessity to save souls: how urgent this need is! And how to save these souls? By listening to our Lord Jesus Christ. By learning about Him and about how to know and love Him! And how can He be known and loved? By holy and persevering priests and religious bringing His words and His Sacraments throughout the whole world.
Then, someone came up with the brilliant idea of the 40 hours. I think it was an inspiration because every month as the 14th approaches they start to gather, one by one, mothers, and those who are not mothers, who desire to have consecrated children or simply who see the absolute necessity to pray for this intention that Our Lord has asked us to have.
And I, particularly, during these elapsing 40 hours, I am going to have in my thoughts this idea of a multitude of voices that reach up to heaven from over the whole world. A unison of prayers that rise like a column of smoke from all the confines of the earth. How beautiful to imagine this!! Nothing less than begging for the very thing which our Lord instructed us to ask for, “ask the lord of the harvest…” In the end I believe that this is something very great, despite how small it seems to each one of us; an hour, or two or three, of prayer in these days. It makes me think of the “shower of roses” of St. Therese, that fall from heaven on our priests and religious. Which also fall on the young people who want or would want to be one of them.
Every writing of a saint or of a missionary or each story that comes every month with the 40 hours is another incentive to continue. Help us expand this apostolate! So that our noise may become louder until Heaven resounds with our army and deigns to arouse more and more ablaze lovers that leave everything to love God.

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