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Prayer to the Sacred Heart of Jesus for Priests – Cardinal Mercier

Jesus, eternal Shepherd of souls, hear the prayer that we address to you for priests. For them you feel the most affectionate and most delicate love of your Heart, that deep love in which all the intimate ties that bind you to souls seem to meet.

Look mercifully at all that multitude of ignorant souls, for whom the priest must be light; to all those slaves at work, who are looking for someone to free them from deception and to save them in your name.

Think of all those children, all those young people, who are looking for a guide capable of leading them to you.

Think, Lord, of so many creatures that suffer and need a heart that comforts them and takes them to your Heart.

Think of all the souls who could reach perfection if they found the help of a holy priest on their way.

Make your priests lead to you all this Humanity that succumbs to weakness, so that the whole earth may be renewed, the Church may be exalted, and the kingdom of your divine Heart may be established in peace.

O Immaculate Virgin Mother of the eternal priest, who had John, the beloved priest of Jesus, as the first adopted son, and who, in the Upper Room presided over the meeting of the Apostles as Queen, a continuous Pentecost reaches the Church of your Son, incessantly renewed. So be it.

Prayer: Heart of Jesus, who instituted the Catholic priesthood on the evening of supper, as the expression and fruit of your immense and gentle love; Deign to give us loving priests like You, of souls, of the poor, of the Cross; Priests who, following your example, go about doing good wherever they pass, and sowing peace and forgiveness of sins among men.

Loving Heart of Jesus, deign to hear the fervent prayer with which your people ask for the sanctification of their shepherds. Heart full of love, teach them to love you as you wish; make them holy, spotless, prudent, wise. Have everything done to everyone according to your example.

They are the guardians of your sacred Body and Blood; make them, therefore, faithful to such a holy order; infuse them with the reverence due to your Body, and a burning thirst for your Blood, so that, tasting its sweetness, they may be satisfied, strengthened and purified in the fire of divine love.

Accept, Lord Jesus, our humble supplications; look with your divine eyes f

rom heaven at your priests; fill them with burning zeal for the conversion of sinners; keep without stains those anointed hands that daily touch your immaculate Body; seal with holiness those lips stained with your precious Blood; keep pure and superhuman that heart marked with the glorious mark of your sublime priesthood; bless their labors with abundant fruit, and make all those for whom they work on earth, one day be their joy and their crown in heaven.

Eucharistic Heart of Jesus, model of priestly hearts, grant us holy priests!